DJ HandsDo you need a DJ or do you just want music played? I was having this conversation with an associate earlier. There is typically a difference in cost and performance when it comes to deciding the various music options you can employ for an event. When you contact a company for DJ services you should find out what is the skill level of the DJ you are hiring. Is he or she just going to come out with a computer and play songs from a list? By the way, essentially there is nothing wrong with having someone play music from there computer playlist if that is feasible for your event, although I would suggest an iPod or some other digital device to meet the same goal (that’s just my opinion). Or is the DJ going to have high quality equipment, tools, and skills to perform a continuous blend of music so that the proper ambience is set, or the atmosphere transitions without missing a beat?

A really good DJ should be able to take you on a musical journey or set different moods at different points during your event. Follow the theme or given program of your event effectively, while still giving your event a unique quality. Generally speaking an event host wants their guest to feel like they are better off for being at that event than anywhere else at that time. Your DJ should have the skills, or have an MC, to interact with the audience when necessary, and also know when to just let the music lead the way. I believe that a DJ should even dress the part of the event. I hate seeing a wedding DJ dressed in blue jeans and a t-shirt when everyone else is there in formal wear (again, that’s my opinion). Having a DJ who knows what’s appropriate for your event is priceless.

As I mentioned before, the cost for a “playlist player” is most often different from the cost for a professional DJ (someone who effectively controls or guides the atmosphere of your event). And again, if simply playing a list of songs meets the expectations of your event, then why do anything else (I’m not one to hate)? But also know that serious DJs invest time, money, and sweat into acquiring the skills and tools necessary to perform and perfect their craft. There is a significant value in that that you should be able to see translated into your event. Keep this in mind when hiring DJ services. What are your event goals? Do you need a DJ or do you just want music played?

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