We’re baaaaaaack!!! Like we ever left. Okay, so we’ve taken a long hiatus from the “blogsphere” for reasons obvious to us (didn’t realize how time consuming keeping up a thoughtful blog would be). But, while I was posting an interesting entrepreneurial experience today on our other social media pages, I thought “hmmm, this would make a great blog.” So, here it is. Don’t know how often I, we, someone will keep up the blogging of great ideas, tidbits here, but we do vow to do better (guess that wouldn’t be hard considering).

The Story: After sending out a quote, I recently had a potential client tell me “I got a better deal for everything I need for my wedding.” I immediately thought did they get a better deal or a better price?

As an entrepreneur I’m always looking to add value to the products/services I offer through my business. I understand that I will not always offer the cheapest prices, but my main goal is to offer the best value. Now, I consider our prices fair and very competitive across our industry. But beyond actual pricing, when you hire Messieurs Swank for your wedding or event, you receive the peace of mind of knowing you’re receiving a certain level of experience and expertise that goes into the details of creating a successful event. We have systems in place to help facilitate your planning experience. You also know that we have invested extensively in the high quality equipment and products we use.

Whether you choose Messieurs Swank for your event services or not, I urge anyone hiring event professionals to ask questions and do the research on the company. Test their knowledge. Do they offer expertise outside of what you know? These are special moments you have chosen to commemorate that you can’t redo. Make sure you’re getting a good deal, and not just a cheaper price. Sometimes you get what you pay for. Sometimes you even don’t get what you pay for.

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