Wednesday QuoteThis has been quite a busy hump day for me, and I’m sure there are those who would echo my sentiments. I’m getting to the blog a little later today but wanted to put something into the universe to keep the momentum going here. Of course if you’ve been keeping up with our blog so far, you know we have only been up for about a week now. As a matter of fact today marks a week. Let me just stop to say HAPPY ONE WEEK ANNIVERSARY to us on our first week of blogging. Now that all the hoopla is out of the way, let me clean up the confetti and just say I hope it was a great and productive Wednesday for you all. Whether you are struggling to make it through your work week or just coasting carefree towards the exciting weekend you have in store, I want to encourage each and every one of you to stay motivated and steadfast in achieving your goals and endeavors.

I’ll be honest we are in the early stages of entering the “bloggersphere” and still trying to feel our way around the format. We’ve been priding ourselves on coming to you each day with different thoughts, motivational ideas, and things we found interesting in the world, and hope you can relate to it. Maybe soon we’ll get a feel for what you want to hear about exactly, and what we’d like to share, and have a more concrete format to the madness. As for today though, this is all we have. Please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback. Again people, stay motivated and be great. We’ll be back tomorrow with whatever really cool topic we can muster up. Swank is the lifestyle.

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