Gentlemen Quote 6“Dreams don’t come true. Dreams are made true.”- Russell Wilson (from American Family Life Insurance commercial)

While watching football over the weekend, I saw a commercial starring the Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson. I had probably seen this commercial several times, yet this time I was paying enough attention to take notice that quote. “Dreams don’t come true. Dreams are made true.” Now taking the first sentence of that quote out of context, “Dreams don’t come true…”,  this would seem like a pretty discouraging commercial. We’ve all probably had someone tell us or heard someone speak to the idea that dreams come true. It’s a statement meant to encourage us. Give us hope. Several of us have dreams of becoming something greater, or being in some particular place in life. We all want to believe that these dreams will one day come true, and we will live happily ever after. I like to exhibit this type of hope also, yet after hearing this quote it made me think about the “dreams come true” statement a little differently. Having dreams and goals for our lives is a great thing. Having the mentality and a plan of action to achieve those dreams is what is essential to making those dreams reality.

Every dream starts with an idea, imagination, something created in your mental space. If you are going to make a dream a reality you need to be able to wrap your mind around that idea so that you can formulate a plan of action. Dedicating yourself mentally to an achieving an idea is the initial step in making dreams come true. When your mind is dedicated to something it becomes a passion. When you are passionate enough about that idea, it becomes a goal. Goals need plans. Goals are seldom, if ever, accomplish without a plan. Having a definite goal in mind motivates you to take the time to develop an actual plan of action, a very important step in achieving anything.

When you have a plan of action in place that you can constantly see and feel, it’s like being able to see your dream in the physical state before it happens. Going from an idea to a plan on paper is an achievement in itself that many people tend to underestimate. But the job of achieving your dream doesn’t stop there. The time, energy, and passion you put into developing a plan should be carried over into your execution. Plans don’t usually work themselves. What plans do is equip you with a guide for deliberate action and definite purpose. Like a blueprint. You can see where your time and energy is going and better manage your efforts. Plans don’t always go to “plan”, so you may have to adapt and make changes when necessary. Having an initial plan will allow you to adjust more easily in the event that you need to reorganize. Dwight D. Eisenhower once said “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”

We are living and walking in the dreams of great minds that came before us everyday. I have no doubt that when these great minds decided to work toward their dream they had a goal, a greater purpose in mind. I’m sure they were fuel by their passion and driven by their commitment. When bringing a dream to fruition understand that sacrifices may be made, mistakes are inevitable, and there may even be naysayers, but it’s important to remember that achieving your dream is your journey. It’s your passion, your work, your grind. If you commit to it, be willing to see it through no matter what. Understand that merely having the dream is the easy part. The road to achieving it is where the labor is involved. Start today. Don’t wait for your dream to come true, make it happen. Swank is the lifestyle.

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