Gentlemen Quote 10

K.I.S.S. I used to hear this phrase all the time growing up. Some say “Keep It Simple Stupid”, others “Keep It Simple Silly”. Nowadays, I like to use “Keep It Simple Service”. Whatever word you choose to fill the acronym, it is a very simple, but often overlooked lesson.

Being in the event and entertainment industry has taught me a lot of things. We often look to make everything look extravagant, larger than life when trying to appeal to an audience. What we are seeking is that “WOW” factor. While that is an admirable aspiration, especially in this industry, we sometimes exert way too much energy, or go overboard in our spending when it is the simple things that can achieve that same goal just as well, or better.

It doesn’t always take a lot to get maximum results. I’m not suggesting that you should not put your all or maximum effort into what you do. I’m simply suggesting being smart about your time and resources. Pay close attention to detail because it may be the simplest of them that gets the most notice. For you mobile disc jockeys it may be the way the you hide or place your wires and cords to make your set up look cleaner. For event planners it may be the color scheme you chose or a simple, but crafty designed center piece. A photographer’s or videographer’s angle or lighting choice can make all the difference in the way a shot comes out. It may be something as simple as your appearance that let’s people know you’re a professional and you are serious about your craft.

These may seem like simple or common sense ideas, but not every “professional” pays attention to these things. I’ve found that concentrating on some of the simple details makes a huge difference in the way clients view me and my business. The key is applying simple, but significant solutions in the way you operate. It can save you time, energy, and resources, and still go a long way in achieving the “WOW” factor you are seeking. And trust me, as simple as it may seem, not everyone is doing it. K.I.S.S. Swank is the lifestyle.

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